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About Us

As Consultants all over the world with the world wide offices. Code-X Technologies which was founded in 2004 by a group of entrepreneurs with a strong background in Software development life cycle and with assorted functional background. We are a team of entrepreneurs with background in Software development, web Development, Database management and technical architecture.

We have expertise in different technical as well as functional areas with experience in various reputed multinational software companies. The technical and field experience of several man-years makes us confident of development of any project on state-of-the-art technology.

The development experience covers the entire life cycle of the projects from system requirement study to implementation & acceptance along with the maintenance of the system.Our methodology covers full life cycle of the projects involving traditional Structured System Analysis and Designing, Object Oriented analysis and Design and the latest in the market Rational Unified process. The technology experience of the team covers a wide range of platforms.


Working Culture @ Code-X Technologies

Working environment has evolved over the years that each person feels comfortable to develop their skills or potential and make the best use of their abilities. This is made possible by brining in bright minds with diverse backgrounds having unique technical strengths. Exchange of technical views have not only helped faster solutions but had also brought out new ideas helping all i.e clients, team members and the organization. Freedom is to bring in joy and achieve results with happiness. The only constraints are maintaining project schedules with quality delivery and within client budgets. Again we achieve this because of brain storming sessions at the start of each project, preparing development mile stones i.e creating the road map to completion . Here everybody realizes that Company growth, meeting client schedules and strategies are not different than their own career growth. This scientific approach has helped all in the company who work as partners to contribute their lot and also learn to develop their potential happily.