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ERP Solutions

Code-X Professionals: ERP experience, Dash-boards, Intelligent Decision Making Systems, Cost Effective Solutions.

We provide robust end-to-end ofbiz solutions for ERP E-Commerce Travel Websites Order Management Supply Management Catalogs and more.

Code-X Professionals is the global leader with several hundred professionals serving customers in 6 countries world-wide. If you like open-source, we are here to help you. Globe InfoTech Professionals Provide Consulting, Development, Customization and Support to our customers with Microsoft Dynamics based solutions. We are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with consultants available for your needs. Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Consulting Customization Software Licenses We believe in creating value and providing dependable solutions to help you run your business better.

Health Care Solutions

Code-X Professionals: Our Partnership will help you develop and maintain IT solutions.

Healthcare industry is facing challenges like high cost, stringent government regulations, lengthy insurance procedures, security and confidentiality issues other than just providing quality medical care. Industries is adopting IT solutions to streamline information flow and get some respite to these problems. Some of the advantages are: It increases efficiency by improving customer management, billing process, clinical data storage, claims management thereby generating more revenue by providing better customer service. Decreases cost of operation by eliminating administrative cost of paper records. Minimizes the risk of error and cost and time associated with multiple data entry leading to redundancy of information. However, implementing these IT solutions have challenges associated with them and needs expertise as well as experience to deal with them. Complications such as integration and interoperability issues, security risks and complexities in developing solutions in full compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) arises in developing a robust, secure with high user acceptance healthcare solutions.

Code-X Professionals will help you in developing and implementing healthcare information system. We have an excellent team of seasoned consultants with specific domain knowledge of healthcare industry, experienced engineers who are well versed with industry interface standards and regulations. Our vast experience in Healthcare product development/re-engineering, disciplined project management and quality software knowledge will add value to your business.

E-Learning Solutions

Code-X Professionals: Web and Application based e-learning solutions which include audio-video chat.

The need for distance & collaborative learning and the flexibility has been fueling the demand for E-learning solutions. Globe InfoTech Professionals has been instrumental in developing web and application based e-learning solutions which include audio-video chat and other presentation and collaboration tools for various types of audiences.

The advantages of using our solutions are that they are user-friendly, stable, secure and robust. They have well-thought of and sophisticated architecture so that real-time data processing takes place. We maintain logs for activities as and when required. Our solutions usually are SCROM compliant. SCROM is acronym of “Shareable Content Object Reference Model”. This is a common e-learning standard used for developing, packaging and delivering high-quality training materials for online courses.

Some of the common features in our e-learning solutions are: Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Virtual classrooms are created that allows web based classes. Registered users can take online exams leading to certifications in different professional fields. Content Sharing and Collaboration Content sharing and collaboration has never been easier before than it is by using our e-learning document sharing capabilities. The online learning solutions have networking capabilities such that the contents can be built and saved can be shared with different groups and communities.

Online Exams

Registered users can take online exams that provide flexibility to students and instructors. Creating quizzes and exams for certification is incorporated in the e-learning solutions as per need. Audio & Video Streaming Complex audio codec in Instant Messaging solutions, media analyzer and broadcast engines are implemented. Live video streaming enables high quality live transmission of video over the internet and on multiple hardware combination for live broadcast.

E-Commerce Solutions

Code-X Professionals: Your global partner for outsourced Web storefront and E-commerce presence

Our global team of web developers in five locations around the globe understand business in your market and have given dozens of e-commerce enterprises the benefit of immense practical knowledge of Internet technologies. Why not leverage Our Experience Our Domain Insights Knowledge Base to Maximize.

Visitors Integrated Order Management and Back-Office Whether You Want Your Present E-Commerce Site to Be Upgraded, Enhanced or Simply Get the Job Done More Efficiently and Profitably Home Page – Enhance your Home or landing pages for results! Administration – Have better collaboration among your customer service agents, tier 2 support, inventory specialists, credit and collection, and backroom order fulfilment. Whether they are all in-house, onshore or an ocean away. Integrated CRM – Raise agent productivity and margins by hooking up every self-serve communications channel your customers are comfortable with. Integrated CRM Have better collaboration among your customer service agents, tier 2 support, inventory specialists, credit and collection, and backroom order fulfilment. Whether they are all in-house, onshore or an ocean away. Content Management System (CMS) – Change content dynamically without involving developers every day Animation and Design of Products – If your business includes customized products, we can even devise an online DIY facility that lets your Web site visitors see instantly the effect of different background color and logo combinations. Secure Payment – Broaden available payment gateways to all the popular and secure processors: credit cards, e-gold, e-check, and PayPal (there are many more, depending on your base of operations) Product Catalogue – Design an intelligent, highly visual product catalogue, multi-page if needed, with dynamic price tags linked to your database and promotional campaigns. Secure Shopping Cart – Bind customer selections to a secure shopping cart application Integrated Warehouse and Order Management – At the backend, you get trouble-free, scalable customer databases and order processing systems off an applications server. Hosting and Support – And we will suggest hosting partner for you, if you wish. That way, you can devote full attention to growing your business and to ensuring fulfilment. Without the headache of capitalizing hardware or maintaining your spanking-new e-commerce presence. Experts in Ofbiz, Opentabs and Os Commerce Get Your Start-up E-store Up and Running Quickly! We do a turnkey project like no one else. Contact us today and we will partner with you to get the ball rolling on earning your rightful share of e-business dollars.
It may well be the smartest and most productive investment you will ever make.

Supply Chain

Solutions that allow decision-makers in manufacturing and retail industry to improve the performance.

Code-X Professionals: Collection and analysis of information to provide visibility across the organization is very critical in a fast moving, competitive and flat global economic. Information must be gathered and analyzed. Also, information must be accurate and must be accessible in a timely manner.

IT solutions can be used to gather accurate and timely information on all company functions and organizations in supply chain.

Supply Chain Planning solutions allow managers to make decisions to improve the performance; set production schedule and inventory level that maximizes profitability and reduce FAT across the organization. A company’s supply chain can be grouped into three macro processes Customer Relationship Management includes processes that enable interaction between an enterprise and its suppliers. Internal Supply chain management includes processes like strategic planning, demand planning, supply planning, fulfilment, field service. Supplier Relationship management: includes processes that enable interaction between an enterprise and its suppliers Globe InfoTech Professionals has both the expertise and experience of developing solutions that are robust, easy to use even for complex manufacturing environment. Outsourced Product Development and Testing We work with SCM product companies and consulting companies in identifying modules that we can deliver efficiently while their staff is busy supporting applications or architecting next generation solutions. We have reference-able track record of working efficiently and economically with several product companies

We reduce the total cost of ownership of products by utilizing our time tested methods of capturing specifications and delivering quality software products. Custom Solutions Our consulting wing brings in several decades of business process and supply chain experience. We understand the importance of preserving unique selling processes of our customers, and provide custom tailored software solutions. We have implementation and customization experience in many known systems. Contact us to learn more about our new Dashboard solution that has helped some of our customers in improving visibility and decision making. Our phased delivery approach increases your ROI for each phase of our engagement, and we help you in prioritizing easy pay-outs first.

Mobile Solution

Code-X Professionals: Successful in integrating legacy and web-based application to the wireless world.

Integration of legacy or web-enabled applications to the wireless world has many advantages. It enables employees to have instant access to business-critical information regardless of their present location. Some of the advantages gained from mobile solutions are listed below: It allows enterprises to achieve high gain in efficiency and productivity. Wireless solutions allow enterprises to reduce costs while increasing productivity and generating new revenues. Also, enterprises can provide better customer service at the point of customer interaction. The wireless technology is continuously evolving with time. Mastery requires clear and quick understanding of the complexities involved in this advanced technology. Clear understanding, technical expertise and experience to handle all the integration issues is needed to develop solutions that is robust, effective and dynamic enough to adapt to continuously evolving technologies and standards.

Code-X Professionals offers our clients with skilled, knowledgeable and experience team. Our consulting service helps us to identify opportunities to see how this technology can prove beneficial for a specific business process. Our experience allows us to properly handle all integration issues involved. Our skill sets include JavaTM 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME), JavaCard, Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW), Mobile Station Application Execution Environment (MExE). Some of our mobile services include: Designing and developing Enterprise Mobile Solutions Custom Software Development involving Mobile Technologies. Wireless Game Development.


Code-X Technologies is a leading provider of offshore software development services in India. Our highly talented and skilful team of software professionals equipped with cutting edge technology offers solutions that are effective, innovative, cost-effective and customized offshore software development services to our clients.

Quality solutions, competitive pricing and quick turn around times are the jargons of Code-X offshore software development services. Customer-friendly approach, top-notch service and high efficiency quotient have made us one of the most exceptional providers of offshore software development services in India.

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